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Jeff Pickett, Media by JP


Download the supporting slide PDF file by clicking the image below

A message from the City of Sioux Falls:

On Tuesday September 22, 2020, the State of South Dakota Transportation Commission approved the funding to complete the remaining 8.5 miles that make up the southern section of Veterans Parkway.

The Mayor’s office, along with Planning and Development Services and Public Works teams, have been working with the SDDOT to move this project forward.

We are appreciative of the partnership and investment the SDDOT is making on this transformational project. We plan to present the project details to the City Council at their Informational Meeting and Regular Council Meeting on October 6, 2020. Click here to see the press release issued by the Governor’s Office yesterday.

The remaining 8.5 miles of Veterans Parkway, with today’s cost indexed forward to 2023 dollars, is estimated at $208.9M, of which the SDDOT will fund the six-lane corridor that is estimated at $176M. The City will fund the arterial streets that connect to the corridor estimated at $32.9M. Design activities are anticipated to start in early 2021 with the first construction project in 2023. We plan to fund the City portion with Arterial Street CIP dollars over the years of 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2026.

The 3 slide links below show:

  • Slide 1 — Overall Veterans Parkway Corridor
  • Slide 2 — 4 logical segments, including estimated costs, to construct the southern section of Veterans Parkway
  • Slide 3 — City-responsible improvements, the intersecting arterial streets

The planning stages for this transportation corridor started in the 1990’s. This is another example of how forward thinking from leaders and community members continues to position the City of Sioux Falls and the surrounding region with foundational growth infrastructure.

Let’s work together and make this critical transportation corridor a reality!


Mark Cotter, P.E.
Director of Public Works // City of Sioux Falls