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Do you have a discount you would like to offer to your fellow members? Let us promote it through the 2021 Member to Member Discount Program. For only $200/year, we'll promote your discount through a number of methods including listing it on, in the membership handbook, on flyers at events and much more. Download the contract for details.

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Previous year's sponsors are given first rights to renew their sponsorships for the upcoming events.

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Joining a committee or board is a great way to get involved, meet new people and contribute your skills to the betterment of the industry. Most meetings are one hour in length. Most are held at the association office but occasionally may be held off-site. Meeting invites are sent to all committee or board members before each meeting.

Committee dates and times are subject to change. Meetings are posted on the association's website and in the newsletter. Meeting notices are emailed with an electronic ‘add to calendar’ link in the registration email offering a pop-up reminder.

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