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Applications are due April 15, 2021

The next event will be held June 8, 2021

The focus of this one-day annual program is to make homes more accessible for the elderly or those with a permanent physical disability. Since 1993, volunteers have donated over 6,200 hours by working on 250+ accessibility-related projects throughout the Sioux Empire.

If your request cannot wait until June 8, 2021, please scroll to the bottom of this page to see additional local programs that are able to assist you all year round.

The next annual Repair Affair day will be held on June 8, 2021.

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Other local programs

The Repair Affair day is a one-day annual event. As we are unable to help out with urgent projects year-round, we have listed a number of programs below that may be able to help out throughout the year if our program is not a good fit for your specific requests and timeline.

City of Sioux Falls Programs

The following programs are run by the Housing is a division of Planning and Development Services at the City of Sioux Falls. They help people ensure decent, safe and sanitary living conditions by providing programs that assist with repairs and improvements.

For info on the following programs:

Phone: (605) 367-8180
click here

Independent Living Choices

For more information on their programs:

Phone: (605) 362-3550