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Workforce Development Grant

Overview: the Sioux Empire Home Builders Care Foundation Workforce Development Grant serves to provide funding for projects that address a demonstrated need in the home building industry, encourage and attract competent people to a career in the construction trades and create a positive impact on builder workforce issues in the Sioux Empire.


Application Guidelines: eligible applicants must be qualified tax exempt organizations, public schools or institutions, located within Lincoln, Minnehaha, McCook, and Turner County in South Dakota. Proposed programs or projects should promote, create exposure to, provide skill sets and prepare individuals for careers in the construction trades. Proposed projects or programs must achieve or support one of the following:

  • Promotion of academic, technical training, or professional development achievement in the construction trades
  • Construction trades career awareness in grades K-12, and/or young adults age 18-28
  • Community based non-profit organizations addressing building and construction industry workforce development needs
  • NAHB student chapter activities
  • Tools, equipment, and/or building materials for use in educational/workforce training programs


General Information: the Sioux Empire Home Builder Care Foundation may, at its discretion, evaluate grants on a case-by-case basis throughout the year.

  • Due to the number of requests the foundation receives, priority will be given to entities who have not received funding within the last three years.
  • Funding Timeline: Projects shall be outlined in the proposal and approved by the Sioux Empire Home Builders Care Foundation Board.
  • Project Reports: Quarterly progress reports shall be submitted to the Sioux Empire Home Builders Care Foundation during the term of funding with a final report (including purchase receipts), or site visit where applicable, upon completion of the project.
  • In the event that progress toward the completion of the project is not deemed satisfactory, or is not in compliance with the terms and conditions of the award, the Sioux Empire Home Builders Care Foundation may, at their sole discretion, terminate the award.
  • After reviewing the application’s initial proposal, additional information may be requested by the Sioux Empire Home Builders Care Foundation Board.